Sensei Chris Wheeles

Chris Wheeles

Head Instructor

4th Degree Black Belt


Sensei Chris Wheeles began his karate career at the age of 13 in his home town of Ashland, AL. There he studied under Sensei Randall Browning. After he obtained his black belt at the age of 17, he started training under the late Master Yuki Koda in Montgomery, AL. During this time he was able to be a member of the United States Yoshukai Karate Association Demo Team and traveled throughout the United States, and Japan. Sensei Chris Wheeles has also had the opportunity to fight in full contact tournaments in the United States, as well as Japan. In 2004, Sensei Chris Wheeles moved to the Gulf Coast were he studied under 9th Degree and United States Director, Hiroaki Toyoma in Pensacola, FL. In 2009 Sensei Chris spent one year teaching karate under former kickboxing champion, and 7th Degree Black Belt, Sensei Gerry Blanck in Los Angeles, CA. In 2010, Sensei Chris Wheeles returned to the Gulf Coast and opened Wheeles Karate Academy in Gulf Shores, AL.

 Sensei Kristie Wheeles

Kristie Wheeles

Assistant Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt


Sensei Kristie has always been athletic and competitive. She played soccer for the University of Mobile and began her career in the real estate industry in 2005. Kristie started her martial arts career in 2010, and received her yellow belt from Hiroaki Toyama in July of 2010. Shortly after receiving her yellow belt, Kristie's husband, Chris Wheeles, opened their school in Gulf Shores, Alabama. There, Kristie would train with her husband, and help promote the new school. Kristie was presented her black belt in October of 2012, and then promoted to 2nd degree in November of 2014. 

Five Precepts for Learners

1. Respect and Manners

2. Be Prudent in Action

3. Be Prudent in Speech

4. Keep High Spirited

5. Keep Yourself Clean

Obligations of All Yoshukai Students

1. To devote themselves towards the development of one another, spiritually, intellectually, and physically.


2. To be constantly alert to the teaching of their superiors always endeavoring to the master the secrets of this martial art.


3. To meet with fortitude any and all obstacles whhich may arise to hamper the attainment of goals.


4. To be courteous in deportment and to always remember the virtue of modesty.


5. To avoid all unnecessary incidents and to use this art only when all other means of self-preservation would fail.


6. Through the teachings of the forgoing principals, to strive to become good citizens and worthy community members.



1. Courtesy and Respect- Courtesy to Instructors and fellow students and respect for the Yoshukai System.

2. Speech-NO profanity in the Dojo.

3. Attitude- Must be willing to obey the rules and to learn self discipline.

4. Spirit-Inner spirit is developed through confidence in your ability and should demonstrate that you to are credit to your Instructor and to the Yoshukai system.

5.Cleanliness- Clean heart and mind plus a clean Gi and Body

6. Bow when enetering and leaving Dojo area.

7. No jewlery or gum chewing in the dojo area

"Champions keep training for perfection"

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"Martial Arts Begins and Ends with Respect!"

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