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Wheeles Karate Academy is the best place to train for people of all ages.  Our mission is to be the best martial arts school in Alabama by providing the best instruction to our students in an enviroment that encourages growth, confidence, personal acheivement, physical fitness with fun and excitement. We are dedicated to our students, and train them to be the best of their ability. 


People start training in martial arts for different reasons: fitness, self defense, confidence, competition, or maybe just for fun!  No matter what your reasons, Wheeles Karate Academy is a great place to accomplish your goals!


"A Family That Kicks Together Sticks together"  

Nothing says more about a family than the dedication they have to achieve goals together. by becoming actively involved in your child's activity, you will develop a strength and bond that will last a lifetime. Do something that will help your whole family! Family Discounts available


Little Dragons Karate Program

Our Little Dragons program is designed for children ages 3 to 5 years old. Not only do we focus on improving your child's motor skills, and attention span, you will see a difference in his or her manners, dicipline, and respect for others. We will help develop the "I Can" attitude.


Benefits of Little Dragons Program: Better focus, balance, confidence, character, coordination, teamwork, improved listening and concentration skills, and self control. 

Kids Karate Program

Our kids martial arts classes are designed to develop happy, well rounded, disciplined kids, and young adults. We emphasize discipline, respect, integrity,  focus, and self confidence. We encourage values of honesty, perserverance, good citizenship, good judgement, goal setting and achievement.


Benefits of Kids Karate Program- Enchance confidence & self esteem, greater overall health and fitness, improved behavior and respect for others, and improvement in academics.


Teen & Adult Program

Our  teen & adult class help increase your flexability, endurance, mental acuity, muscle strength, and personal fitness all by learning all aspects of  japanese karate. These classes will give you an incredible workout that will leave you feeling healthier, stronger, and full of energy, all while giving you valuable self defense skills and confidence.

Whether you are looking to get fit, learn self defense, or make new friends, Wheeles Karate Academy is the right fit.



"Champions keep training for perfection"

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Wheeles Karate Academy

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wheeleskarateacademy@gmail.com or use our contact form.

"Martial Arts Begins and Ends with Respect!"

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