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Karate Students Pie Sensei Chris & Sensei Kristie in the face to whip childhood cancer!

Students from Wheeles Yoshukai Karate Academy helped support the 4th Annual Supper Slugger Softball Tournament. Students were asked to bring in cases of water and gatorade with exchange for a ticket to hit Sensei Chris & Sensei Kristie in the face with a pie. We are thankful to be a part of Jensen's Heart of Gold and the fight against childhood cancer. 

Student of the 3rd Quarter

Maggie has been selected as our student of the second quarter. Maggie started in our Little Dragons program and has moved up to our kids class. Maggie always chooses a great attitude and is willing to take on any challenge. We are enjoying helping her on her journey to black belt! Maggie doesn't always wear a turkey hat, but when she does, she is selected as student of the quarter! (Hat Day) Osu!

Wheeles' Students earn black belts!


We are very proud to add 4 more black belt to our school. Aiden & Josh are a father son combo, and were able to test for their black belts together. Zach and Ava also have parents enrolled in karate. We are very proud to see these families not only spending time together, but working to achieve a goal together! Keep up the hard work! Osu!

Congrats to our newest Shodans, Joe Johnson and Hunter Hutto. Keep up the hard work! Osu!

Joe Johnson and Hunter Hutto recevied their black belts at the WYKKO National Championship in Atlanta, GA. Joe and Hunter have been working very hard to acheive their black belts. They have participated in several tournaments over the past several years and have been a great assest to our dojo! Congrats Joe and Hunter! Osu! 

Student of the 1st Quarter

Congrats to Copeland, our first student of the quarter for 2014. Copeland has shown lots of dedication and detmination to acheive his black belt. He continues to bring a positive attitude to the dojo. Keep up the great work Copeland! Osu!

34th Annual Southern Region Open

Congrats to all of our students that particpiated in the 34th Annual Southern Region Open on October 12th in Dothan Alabama. 

Tournament Results- Sensei Chris Wheeles- Grand Champion Point Sparring, Overall Grand Champion Weapons, 1st in Weapons, 2nd in Kata, Kristie Wheeles- Grand Champion Point Sparring, 1st in kata, 1st in weapons, Teri - 1st in sparring, 2nd weapons, 2nd kata, Hunter- 1st Sparring, 1st in kata, Joe- 1st Sparring, 1st in kata, Ava- 1st in kata, 3rd place weapons, Zachary - 2nd kata, 3rd Sparring, Bennett 2nd Sparring, 3rd in Kata, Marlo-1st Sparring, 2nd Weapons, 3rd in kata, Trent 3rd in kata, 3rd sparring. OSU! Great Job Team Wheeles!

Newest Black Belt

Congrats to Ciara Nelson! She received her Black Belt at the World Yoshukai Super Fights in July. Ciara was our first student to start with us when we opened our doors three years ago. We are so proud of you! Osu!

Soke Yamamoto visits from Japan!!

We were honored to have Soke Yamamoto at our dojo in Gulf Shores. Huge Thank you to the City of Gulf Shores, Steve Jones, and Robert Craft. June 19th was declared World Yoshukai Karate Soke Yamamoto Day in the City of Gulf Shores.

WYKKO National Champs!

Students from Wheeles Yoshukai Karate Academy competed in the WYKKO National Championship on April 6, 2013 in Roswell, GA. Receiving the most medals of any other dojo, Wheeles Yoshukai Karate Academy was the winning National Championship dojo. We are very proud of Team Wheeles, and are looking forward to more tournaments in the future. Osu!


Black Belt Testing

Pictured above is Sensei Chris Wheeles and Mrs. Jennifer. Sensei Chris tested for his fourth degree black belt, and Mrs. Jennifer tested for her black belt. Both Chris and Jennifer did an outstanding job at their testing! Osu!

Team Taylor Break A Thon

Taylor Breaking her boards!

Our Students raised over $7000.00 for the Team Taylor Break-a-thon!!!! Taylor is one of our karate students and was recently re-diagnosed with Leukemia. All of our students set a goal of how many boards they were going to break, and took pledges/donations. We are so pleased with the turn out that we had at the event. Thank you to all of our students and parents for their support.


Students compete at the Southern Region Open in Dothan, AL

Students from Wheeles Yoshukai Karate Academy win BIG in Panama City, FL

Students Compete at Sunshine Classic Karate tournament in Panama City, FL. Sensei Chris- 2nd weapons, 2nd kata, Kristie-1st Kata, 1st Sparring, 2nd Weapons, Jennifer- 2nd Sparring, 3rd Weapons, 3rd Kata, Ciara- 1st Weapons, 2nd Kata, 3rd Sparring, Zachary-1st Kata, 1st Sparring, 2nd Weapons, Ava-1st Sparring, 2nd Kata, 3rd weapons, Aiden-2nd weapons, Josh- 2nd kata, Bennett-1st Sparring, 1st Kata, Andy-1st Sparring, 2nd Kata, Ashley-2nd Sparring, Taylor-2nd Sparring, 2nd Kata, Wesley-2nd Sparring!!! Way to go Wheeles Yoshukai Karate Academy!!! Osu!!!

Super Fights, Oxford, AL

Sensei Chris, Bennett, and Kristie all competed at the World Yoshukai Super Fights in Oxford, AL on July 28th. Sensei Chris placed 3rd in the Japanese Full Contact Heavy Weight Division. Bennett placed 2nd in Point Sparring, and 3rd Semi Full contact. Kristie Wheeles placed 1st in the Point Sparring Division! Osu!

"Push Ahead, Never Give Up"

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